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Strengthening Your Ohio Employment Claim


If you are an Ohio employee who is thinking about moving forward with a claim against your employer, there are ways to strengthen a claim. These may include documentation, research, and connecting with a seasoned Columbus employment attorney. Experienced employment lawyers know what you need to do and what timelines need to be followed to secure the best possible outcome.

Employment law covers a wide range of employee issues. Legal help can be beneficial for individuals who have been victims of not being paid their hard-earned wages including overtime, sexual harassment, hostile work environments, or discrimination. Employees have also experienced unpaid wage or overtime situations and violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Workers have rights, and an employees’ rights attorney is familiar with the ins and outs of employment law.

Document Everything You Can

Often the foundation of a strong employment lawsuit, documentation is essential. Keeping this in mind when you are even considering a claim can be helpful. Then, when you discuss something with your employer, you will know to follow up the discussion with an email that will provide documentation. And, if you make a request for leave or have a complaint, share these with your employer in writing.

While you are gathering your documentation, store items in sequential order. Keeping an active timeline can be helpful when you are sharing your story with an employment attorney. Within your organized timeline, note all of the evidence you have in your possession. This could include any or all of the following.

  • Electronic evidence from devices and phones.
  • Social media messages and postings.
  • Written documentation, employee handbooks, and policy updates.
  • All emails, complete with who sent it and who received it.
  • Phone call history and text messages.

There are times when individuals aren’t sure if an email or a text is relevant. In those situations it is best to err on the side of caution and simply preserve everything.

Looking for a New Position

There are times when it is helpful for a person to seek employment when their position terminates. Even if you are planning to move forward with legal action, looking for work is beneficial for you. Again, keep records of your job search. This includes the dates and times of interviews, a list of all the jobs applied for, and any job offers received.

It is important to talk with a Columbus employment attorney in order to determine what the best course of action is for your situation. If you think a law has been violated, you should not allow your employer to get away with illegal activity. Before quitting a job because of a violation or making any other action, discuss your circumstance with an employment attorney to protect yourself and understand what steps should be taken to strengthen your case.

Are you considering filing an Ohio employment claim? Contact the employment lawyers at Coffman Legal LLC today. We are strong and committed advocates for all Ohio workers and use our experience and knowledge to help you. Call 614-949-1181 for a free and confidential consultation with an employment attorney.


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