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Our experienced employment lawyers are here to fight for your rights, including to be fully and properly paid the wages and overtime you have worked hard to earn, to be free from discrimination or retaliation, and to receive proper and fair treatment under federal and applicable state laws.

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Our employment law firm will work relentlessly and zealously to represent your interests and successfully recover compensation while exercising best practices.

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Efficiency & Trust

We dedicate the time with our clients to understand their goals and we work tirelessly on their behalf and with our adversaries to efficiently resolve disputes.

Excellence In Ohio And Nationwide
Excellence In Ohio And Nationwide

Our employment attorneys have represented employees in disputes in Ohio and nationwide and recovered significant monetary damages due to them. No dispute is too large.

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Responsive Employment Attorneys

Our goal is respond to all inquiries from clients and potential clients in a timely manner to ensure that our clients' and potential clients' concerns are addressed.

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Dedicated, Passionate, Responsive Employment Attorneys and Overtime Lawyers

At Coffman Legal, LLC, our employment lawyers are here to assist you with a range of employment disputes. We are an employment law firm based that serves and provides representation to workers throughout the state of Ohio who have been mistreated in the workplace – whether the mistreatment is due to harassment, discrimination, wage and hour violations, or other instances of abuse that fall under the employment law umbrella.

Across our team, our overtime attorneys have years of experience in successfully recovering unpaid wages, overtime, and other damages for thousands of workers in Ohio and elsewhere. We often represent groups of hundreds or even thousands of employees in collective and class action litigation to redress unlawful pay practices of employers. Our firm specializes in unpaid overtime or other unpaid wage disputes. However, we also handle many other employment disputes, including wrongful termination, employment discrimination, FMLA, harassment, retaliation, and more. Each of our employment attorneys brings an experienced hand and dedication to each case they work on.

Our firm is extremely responsive to each client and their individual needs as we work to guide you through the process of recovering money damages, seeking legal counsel, and handling the details of your case throughout the entire legal process.

We want to see you and your rights fully protected in the workplace and we want to ensure that you are compensated for any harm that has been done to you. Our employment lawyers are tireless advocates for our clients.

Effective and Experienced Representation by Employment Attorneys for Your Employee Rights

Coffman Legal, LLC is a small law firm – with a team of three highly dedicated employment attorneys in Ohio.

As a small firm, we work hard and earn big results. It has been said that our office generates among the most unpaid overtime and wage and hour case filings. Our dedication to protecting workers’ rights is reflected in this work and the commitment we have to our clients in each case our overtime attorneys take on.

We also frequently prosecute cases of all sizes – some that involve thousands of employees and other cases that are prosecuted on an individual basis.

We can ably handle this wide range of case sizes because we are experienced with handling such cases. Not only do we apply our experience, but we work extremely hard for each and every client as we take on large corporations and the law firms supporting them. Regardless of the size of any employer, Coffman Legal, LLC is here to fight for your rights as a worker and to ensure that you receive fair treatment, proper and timely payment, and other related employment factors and benefits.

The Coffman Legal, LLC team of employment lawyers offers free consultations that can be scheduled online or over the phone at 614-949-1181.

The Rights and Protections for Employees

Under Federal and Ohio state laws, workers have a number of rights and protections afforded to them. This includes protection from all forms of mistreatment or discrimination at work.

Federal and Ohio law prohibit employers from discriminating against current employees and job applicants based on a number of protected characteristics that include race, religion, age, sex and gender, disability, LGBTQ+, military status, and pregnancy.

Laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and others lay out the legal protections that workers receive such as not being wrongfully terminated, the right to a non-hostile work environment, and right to fair pay. Employers will often go out of their way to mask discriminatory or unlawful motives behind their employment decisions.

If you believe that you are facing workplace discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, or other employment violations, our labor law attorneys are ready to apply their years of experience to helping you uncover the full situation.

We can determine next steps to take to prove the discrimination, harassment, or other employment wrongs.

Connect with our experienced team of employment attorneys for a free consultation today.

Types of Employment Cases Coffman Legal, LLC Handles

Coffman Legal, LLC represents clients in a wide number of employment cases. Our employment lawyers can assist you across the board when it comes to employment law needs.

Some of the employment cases that our employment attorneys handle include:

Our firm takes on both small and large cases, including FLSA collective actions with thousands of potential class members. Our firm has had great success in resolving cases of unpaid wages or overtime for thousands of workers in Ohio and elsewhere to the satisfaction of our clients.

To see some of the cases we are currently working on, including unpaid overtime cases and lawsuits, see our list here.

Employment Issues We Handle in Central Ohio

Our wage and hour attorneys are here to assist you with any issues related to your compensation. Our law firm has represented many employees within Central Ohio who have been unfairly underpaid or denied compensation owed to them. Some of the most common issues observed by our wage and hour lawyers include:

Each of these areas is more fully described on the separate pages which you may find by clicking above. In the event you have not been properly compensated, you may be entitled to recover unpaid wages for two or three years, with an additional amount as a penalty, plus attorney’s fees and costs. Your potential recovery will depend upon the violations by your employer and statutes implicated, so it is important to speak with our wage and hour lawyers about your unpaid wages or unpaid overtime.


Ohio Employment Law Claims

We are a full-service labor and employment firm. Our lead employment attorney Matthew J.P. Coffman has in-depth experience handling the full range of employment law claims. A non-exhaustive list of employment law cases that extend beyond wage and hour cases include:

If you believe that your employment law rights were violated for any reason, we are here to review your case and help you understand the legal options that are available. You need to take action. Speak to our  employment attorneys today.

Contact Coffman Legal, LLC Labor and Employment Lawyers for a Free Case Consultation

If you are facing unfair treatment, abuse, or discrimination at work, reach out to Coffman Legal, LLC today to speak with an employment attorney in Columbus, Ohio. Initial consultations are completely free.

We will be able to tell you if we think you have a case on your hands by looking over all the information you provide to us and how we can help you move forward.

Call us at Coffman Legal, LLC today at 614-949-1181 or contact us online to schedule your free and confidential consultation with experienced employment lawyers. We want to help you hold your employer accountable to federal and state laws and ensure that you receive the treatment you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of factors that impact how long a case may take to resolve. Some cases may be settled before a lawsuit while others may escalate to the point of a lawsuit being pursued. In some situations, you may see all parties coming together to mediate employment disputes with the help of private mediation or the EEOC. Our employment attorneys in Columbus, Ohio will always work to resolve your case as efficiently as possible – though sometimes a significant amount of time may pass.

A free consultation with one of our Columbus overtime attorneys can vary in length. Our consultations are detailed and usually performed by an employment attorney who will work to collect a complete view of the details related to your employment as possible. We use these details to determine if there is any means or bases to pursue legal action against your employer. We will let all prospective clients know of possible claims we determine following a consultation.

Coffman Legal, LLC typically represents clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not receive any compensation unless we recover money for you. Most employment laws address the recovery of attorneys’ fees and legal costs to help ensure that the workers receive fair compensation, regardless of their financial ability to pay an attorney. We are therefore able to provide legal representation for any employee – even if you think you are unable to afford representation. We have great success in recovering unpaid overtime compensation for our clients.

If you were recently fired, you will be able to know if you were wrongfully terminated following a free consultation with our Columbus employment lawyers. We will complete a comprehensive view of your employment, including details that relate directly to your termination. From there, we will be able to let you know if we believe you are dealing with a case of wrongful termination that is tied to an unlawful reason.

All employees (who are considered non-exempt employees) are entitled to overtime pay by default – unless they are exempt. An exempt employee is something that your employer must prove. Sometimes employers mistakenly or knowingly list an employee as exempt, even when they should be listed as non-exempt. If you believe you are a non-exempt employee who is entitled to overtime pay after working over 40 hours a week, contact our Columbus overtime attorneys for assistance.

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