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Ohio Prevailing Wage Rights Lawyers Will Ensure You Are Paid

All employees deserve to receive their full and fair wages. Under Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code § 4115), companies involved in public works and public improvement projects are legally required to pay a “prevailing wage.” If a company pays workers less than they are entitled to receive under state regulations, that employer can and should be held legally liable through a wage and hour claim. At Coffman Legal, our Columbus Ohio prevailing wages attorneys will assist you with any issues resulting from your employer failing to properly pay you prevailing wages. Both contractors and subcontractors may become liable for the failure to properly pay employees prevailing wages. To get a free and private consultation with our experienced Ohio employment law attorneys, call our Columbus law office today.

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What are Prevailing Wages in Ohio?

Prevailing wages are the hourly wages established and regulated by trade laborers. Ohio’s laws protect laborers to ensure they are properly paid prevailing wage. The prevailing wage is the compensation rate that must be paid to skilled trade employees who are working on public improvement projects. Notably, Ohio’s prevailing wage requirements are comprehensive—they apply to more than just the hourly rate owed to an employee. Workers must also be compensated with appropriate benefits, including life insurance, pensions, and health insurance coverage. Among other things, the Ohio prevailing wage laws require contractors to:

  1. Pay the correct prevailing wage for the correct classification;
  2. Pay overtime wages;
  3. Not deduct food, lodging, or transportation (unless pre-approved);
  4. Maintain full and accurate time records;
  5. Submit certified payroll reports; and
  6. Supply subcontractors with the applicable prevailing wage rate schedule.

What You Need to Know About Prevailing Wage Violations in Ohio

As with all things related to wages, contractors and subcontractors sometimes fail to pay employees the proper prevailing wage for their work. Unfortunately, wage and hour violations remain a very serious problem in Ohio. In fact, Innovation Ohio reports that workers are shorted nearly $600 million in wages every year, making Ohio the second highest state for wage theft in the country. Many of these wage and hour violations are related to prevailing wages. Prevailing wage violations come in a wide array of forms. Some of the most notable examples include:

  • Not paying the proper wage;
  • Not paying for all hours worked;
  • Taking unlawful deductions from hours worked;
  • Misclassifying skilled workers; and
  • Failure to compensate workers for overtime.

If you believe that you were not paid properly as a result of a prevailing wage violation, it is imperative that you seek professional legal guidance as soon as possible. Regardless of the specific nature of your wage and hour claim, you should contact our Columbus prevailing wages attorneys with any questions about your prevailing wage compensation.

How We Can Help

All employers must strictly comply with Ohio’s prevailing wage laws. Violations require immediate enforcement. Because there are many different standards that contractors and subcontractors must follow, navigating Ohio’s wage and hour regulations can be a complicated endeavor. Indeed, for workers, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if a prevailing wage violation even occurred. Of course, there are also plenty of cases in which the prevailing wage violation is more apparent. No matter the circumstances of your claim, you need strong, determined wage and hour attorneys by your side. Matthew J.P. Coffman represents workers in the full range of wage and hour cases, including prevailing wage claims. If you believe that you were paid less than the prevailing wage for your local area, Mr. Coffman is ready to help. He will conduct a free, comprehensive review of your prevailing wage claim, help you understand your legal rights and legal options given the circumstances, answer any questions that you have, and help pursue the financial compensation that you are owed under Ohio state law.

Contact Our Experienced Columbus Ohio Prevailing Wages Attorneys Today

At Coffman Legal, our skilled Columbus wage & hour attorneys have comprehensive experience handling all types of prevailing wage cases. You are entitled to be paid properly at the correct pay rate for all hours worked. If you have any questions about prevailing wages or need any help-seeking unpaid wages from your employer, contact our office for a free consultation with our Columbus prevailing wages attorneys. We look forward to speaking with you about your prevailing wage claim.

I cannot say enough great things about Matt. He, along with my other attorney, fought tirelessly for me for almost 3 years and in the end, VICTORY!!!!!!! I would absolutely recommend Matt for anyone that needs help with any employment issue. Thank you so much Matt!

– M. Rangel

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– K. Payne

They assisted with a lawsuit that affected hundreds, if not thousands, of employees who weren’t getting paid their proper wages & they were able to come through in the end and make sure that we were all reimbursed the money that terrible company owed to us.

– S. Paxson

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