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Overtime Wages Meal Break Lawsuit Filed Against CareCore Health


Our experienced unpaid Overtime Attorneys at Coffman Legal have filed a lawsuit against CareCore Health LLC related to meal break deductions and overtime violations.

On August 22, 2022, our firm filed a lawsuit against CareCore on behalf of all of its hourly employees. This Collective Action lawsuit states that CareCore allegedly has a policy requiring meal break deductions of thirty minutes for all hourly employees even when those employees are not able to take a full, uninterrupted meal break. Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, if employers are going to deduct a meal break from their employees’ hours, those employees must be fully relieved from duty for the entire meal break period. If employees are unable to enjoy a fully uninterrupted meal break, then their employer may not be entitled to deduct such time from employees’ hours worked. These meal break deductions can result in significant unpaid overtime over the course of months and years.

The lawsuit our unpaid Overtime Lawyers have filed also claims that CareCore may not have properly calculated overtime rates for its hourly employees. Employers like CareCore are required to include certain bonuses like shift differentials, pick-up shift bonuses, and COVID-19 hazard pay in their overtime calculations. If an employer does not properly calculate employees’ overtime rates when they earn additional compensation in addition to their base hourly pay, then all overtime hours worked during such workweeks are paid at a lower rate than the law requires. These incorrect calculations can also result in significant unpaid overtime over the course of months and years.

This lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Western Division (Dayton) and is titled Gudger, et al v. CareCore Health LLC, Case No. 3:22-cv-239. If you would like to discuss the lawsuit against CareCore or would just like more information, please call our office at 1-888-619-2729 or send us an email at Our experienced overtime lawyers can answer any questions you have about your rights to be paid if you do not receive a fully uninterrupted meal break or your rights to be paid at the proper overtime rate when you earn compensation in addition to your base hourly pay.


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