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Overtime Meal Break Lawsuit Filed Against Adena Health System


Our experienced unpaid Overtime Lawyers have filed a new collective and class action lawsuit against Adena Health System for its alleged failure to pay hourly healthcare employees for all overtime hours worked.

What are the allegations of the Adena Health System overtime lawsuit?

Our lawsuit alleges that Adena has a policy that requires a daily meal break deduction, usually of thirty (30) minutes, from its hourly healthcare employees’ hours worked. However, this meal break deduction is taken from their hours worked regardless of whether or not these employees are actually receiving a fully uninterrupted meal break.

In many instances where employees’ meal breaks are missed, shortened, or otherwise interrupted by job duties, an employer must pay employees for the full length of their meal breaks. Similarly, employers cannot deduct a full meal break from employees’ hours worked if the break is essentially “split up” into multiple smaller breaks throughout the workday or simply because an employee is able to eat on the go. Because Adena allegedly took these unlawful meal break deductions automatically, its hourly healthcare employees have accrued unpaid overtime.

The lawsuit seeks unpaid overtime wages since August 18, 2020. It was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division and is called Simpson v. Adena Health System D/B/A Adena Medical Center, Case No. 2:23-cv-2633.

How do I find out more information about the Adena meal break case?

Additional information about this unpaid overtime collective and class action against Adena Health System for unpaid meal breaks may be found by contacting our office by phone at 1-888-619-2729 or emailing If you have any questions about whether you are being properly paid for all of the compensable hours you work, including during meal breaks, then contact our office today to speak with our experienced overtime attorneys regarding any wage and hour issues, including unpaid meal breaks and overtime.


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