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Our firm has filed a Collective and Class Action lawsuit against a franchisee of Midas called Auto Systems Centers, Inc. This franchisee operates over 100 Midas service centers in Ohio and across the country and allegedly failed to properly compensate its hourly automotive technicians.

The lawsuit against the Midas franchisee alleges that the Midas franchisee violated federal and state wage and hour laws in several ways. First, the lawsuit states that the Midas franchisee requires its hourly automotive technicians to arrive at their locations before the scheduled start of their shift to perform unpaid pre-shift work. Second, the Midas franchisee allegedly would have its managers manually clock out hourly technicians for meal breaks even when those technicians were unable to take full, uninterrupted meal breaks. Lastly, the lawsuit alleges that these managers also clocked out hourly automotive technicians at the end of the day while they were still engaged in job duties and while they continued to perform post-shift work.

All three of these alleged policies/practices of the Midas franchisee violate federal and state laws requiring overtime pay. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to pay employees for their work, including pre- and post-shift work as well as work performed if employees do not receive a fully uninterrupted meal break. Midas’s alleged policies resulted in unpaid overtime for its hourly automotive technicians that adds up over months and years.

Our employment lawyers are here to speak with you about your rights to proper payment of overtime. Employers who require or allow employees to perform pre-shift work, post-shift work, or work during meal breaks must pay employees for their work. If you have questions about your pay, our experienced employment attorneys will be able to identify and inform you of your rights to overtime pay. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation with an experienced overtime lawyer by calling our employment law firm at (888) 619-2729.


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