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How To Defend Yourself from False Accusations


False accusations in the workplace can have far-reaching consequences, including damaging your professional reputation and your credibility. When you arrive at work, you are typically not expecting to face accusations of misconduct, illegal activity, or even harassment of another coworker. And while there are legitimate accusations made within the workplace, false accusations can happen as well.

False accusations sometimes happen to good employees who have done nothing wrong. The quick spread of information through social media, digital communication, and word of mouth can cause false accusations to quickly spread throughout your workplace and beyond. False accusations can do harm both to your reputation and your position at work in a number of ways.

There are steps you can take to defend yourself from false accusations. Below, we explore some of those steps.

Strategies for Fighting False Accusations

There are a few different strategies for fighting false accusations:

  1. Collect evidence to prove that the accusation is false. This can be done by gathering documentation about the event in a few different ways:
  • Witness accounts of what happened
  • Photos of the event
  • Copies of any written or published material
  • Screenshots of emails, social media posts, and other forms of digital communication that discuss the situation
  1. Contact an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer will be able to provide you with legal advice that is specific to your situation and will be able to help you take stock of your situation. They will also be able to explain your rights to you and provide insight into how you might proceed.
  2. Approach the accusations with a calm and level head. False accusations are an extremely stressful situation to handle but reacting in anger can often make the situation worse. If you are able to, speak with your supervisor as soon as possible to let them know there have had false accusations made against you. It is their job to ensure that you have a safe work environment, but should the hostility continue or come from your supervisor, you may need to take additional steps.
  3. Continue to maintain a record, even as your workplace begins an investigation. Just as you will gather initial evidence, it’s important to keep documentation of everything as the investigation process begins and you connect with a lawyer. You will want to document details like communications (through email, text, hard copies of paperwork, etc.), your written account of things, and notes on interactions you have at work.

How to Defend Yourself from False Accusations

As discussed above, there are a number of different strategies for fighting false accusations including contacting an employment lawyer and maintaining a detailed record of the situation as soon as you are aware of the accusations.

Following these steps, you may have grounds to pursue legal action against your accuser, especially since false accusations can lead to reputational harm and job loss.

When you are falsely accused by a supervisor or coworker, you can face severe fallout. For example, if a coworker makes accusations that you have harassed them or stolen from your employer, you may lose your job.

Each case will differ depending on what you may potentially do to defend yourself from false accusations. But you may be able to pursue a wrongful termination claim in some instances or if an accusation can be classified as slander or libel, you may have a defamation case on your hands.

Depending on the case, you may be able to recover certain damages such as:

  • Economic damages include lost wages, medical costs such as therapy, and court fees and expenses.
  • Non-economic damages include loss of reputation, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Be sure to speak with an employment lawyer to learn more about how to protect yourself in cases of false accusations.

Connect with an Experienced Employment Law Firm Today

If you have lost your job because of false accusations, reaching out to an experienced employment lawyer today can be an important next step. The team of lawyers here at Coffman Legal, LLC are strong and committed advocates for all Ohio workers, no matter the industry you are working in.

We use our knowledge and experience to help defend you from false accusations in the workplace through legal action.

We are fully committed to protecting your rights as an employee. You can connect with us online or over the phone at 614-949-1181 to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation.


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