By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Feb 11 2021

Fresh Thyme Overtime Lawsuit For Unpaid Meal Breaks is Conditionally Certified as a National Collective Action

Our Overtime Attorneys’ Lawsuit against Fresh Thyme is conditionally certified nationally The experienced unpaid overtime lawyers at Coffman Legal, along with Nilges Draher and Bryant Legal, filed a Collective Action Lawsuit against Lakes Venture, LLC dba Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Fresh Thyme) on behalf of Fresh Thyme’s non-exempt employees at its 78 stores nationally for […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on May 17 2017

What if my employer is automatically deducting a meal period, but I’m not receiving it? Ohio Unpaid Wages Attorneys

Our Ohio Overtime Attorney is here to recover your unpaid wages for automatic meal deductions. Employees must be paid for automatic meal deductions if they are missed or interrupted. There is nothing inherently wrong with an employer that uses an automatic meal deduction for its employees. Meal breaks are a great way for employers to allow […]

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