Is my employer’s comp time policy legal? Ohio Overtime Attorneys
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Non-exempt employees must be paid overtime wages for hours worked over 40 per week. Comp time is an unlawful means of avoiding…

Am I exempt under the FLSA or entitled to overtime wages? Ohio Overtime Lawyers
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Contact our Ohio overtime lawyers with any questions about whether you are exempt and/or your right to overtime wages. Our Ohio…

Am I an independent contractor or employee? Should I receive overtime?

Oftentimes, employers misclassify employees as Independent Contractors instead of Employees. Consequently, those employees are not paid overtime wages and benefits. Our…

Can my employer round my hours worked? Ohio Wage and Hour Attorneys

The FLSA permits employers to utilize timekeeping systems that round subject to certain limitations. Contact our Ohio Wage and Hour…

Should my employer be paying me for my travel time? Ohio Overtime Lawyers

Whether your employer is required to compensate you for travel time under the FLSA depends on the type of travel….