By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Apr 10 2023

Mistakes Ex-Employees Make When Pursuing Wrongful Termination Settlements

A wrongful termination occurs when an employer has terminated an employee for an unlawful reason or in violation of an employment contract. While there are plenty of legal reasons that an employer may fire an employee, such as not fulfilling their job duties or attendance issues, wrongful termination often occurs based on: Retaliation Discrimination Breaches […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Mar 15 2023

What Is the Minimum Wage In The State Of Ohio?

For workers in Ohio, an important topic that often comes to mind is the current minimum wage in Ohio. Whether you are looking for a new job or you are currently employed, knowing what the current minimum wage is and whether or not Ohio plans to increase the minimum wage in 2023 can help you […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Nov 01 2021


Our firm has filed a Collective and Class Action lawsuit against a franchisee of Midas called Auto Systems Centers, Inc. This franchisee operates over 100 Midas service centers in Ohio and across the country and allegedly failed to properly compensate its hourly automotive technicians. The lawsuit against the Midas franchisee alleges that the Midas franchisee […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Oct 27 2021

Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Filed Against Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

Our overtime lawyers filed a Collective and Class Action Lawsuit against Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc (“ADS”) for failing to compensate its hourly production and yard employees for all overtime wages earned related to interrupted or missed meal breaks and improper time rounding. The Complaint alleges that ADS violates the FLSA and Ohio law in two […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Aug 15 2019

Can I File a Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit in Ohio?

Unfortunately, wage and hour violations remain a serious problem in Ohio and throughout the United States. According to data from the United States Department of Labor (DOL), the federal government recovered more than $300 million in wage losses for workers in 2018 alone. Though, as wage and hour violations are notoriously underreported — the true […]

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