22.4 percent of average weekly wages are stolen from minimum wage workers in Ohio, according to the Economic Policy Institute. That means that employers are essentially taking a quarter out of every dollar owed. But minimum wage employees are not the only victims of wage theft. If your employer has withheld your wages for any reason, refused to pay PTO, or violated overtime pay, they have committed a form of wage theft. As a victim of unpaid wages, a Dayton unpaid wage violation attorney can help you collect the compensation that you are owed, plus damages.

Common Forms of Wage Theft

  • Your check is “held up” for some reason;
  • You left the job, either due to quitting or being terminated, and your last paycheck is not issued at the next pay period;
  • After separating from your employer, you were not paid your accrued PTO in your last paycheck (your employer took it);
  • Your employer refused to pay time and a half for overtime;
  • Your employer misclassified you as an independent contractor, administrator, professional, or executive in order to get around paying overtime;
  • You are a tipped employee and your employer requires you to return any portion of your tips (aside from a valid tip pool);
  • Your employer requires you to “work off the clock” for any reason, such as attending a meeting, attending training, directly related to your job, cleaning, traveling between job sites, or the time that it takes you to put on or take off personal protective equipment (PPE) that is required for your job;
  • You are given an unpaid lunch break or rest period, and you work through that period but are not compensated for it;
  • While on call, you are required to be on the premises but your employer does not pay you for your waiting time; and
  • Your employer always rounds down to the nearest quarter hour for hourly wages. While employers are allowed to round down sometimes, they cannot always round down. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), minutes one through seven should be rounded down and minutes eight to 14 should be rounded up.

How Employees Can Be Compensated For Wage Theft

Wage theft is a serious problem in the U.S. and here in Ohio. Nationally, employers unlawfully take up to $60 billion in wage theft from their employers every year, according to the study Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers. But as an employee, you do have the chance to right the wrongs that have been committed against you. By working with a lawyer, you can recover the back pay that you are owed, plus liquidated damages up to the amount of back pay you are owed—potentially enabling you to double what your employer took from you. Additionally, you can hold your employer accountable for your attorney fees so that you keep everything you recover.

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