While some people may work in large part because they like being busy or are passionate about their job, most people wouldn’t work for free. Yet many employees throughout Cleveland are victims of unpaid wage violations. If you have had wages unlawfully withheld, you have legal rights. To get started, call our Cleveland unpaid wage violations attorneys directly at the office of Coffman Legal, LLC for a free consultation with our experienced labor law firm.

Common Types of Unpaid Wage Violations

An employee may be a victim of an unpaid wage violation when–

  • They are denied a minimum wage. Most employees throughout Cleveland are entitled to make a minimum wage of $8.80 an hour, or $4.40 an hour + tips. When employees are misclassified, paid under the table, or discriminated against, they may not make the wage to which they are entitled.
  • They have wages withheld as an act of retaliation or discrimination. It’s hard to imagine, but some employers will withhold wages as a form of “punishment” for an employee who has done something the employer doesn’t like, including exercising a protected right, like reporting an unsafe work condition. An employer could also withhold wages in an act of discrimination. Wage withholding is illegal.
  • They are denied overtime pay. If an employee is entitled to receive a minimum wage, they are also entitled to overtime pay. Overtime pay must be paid at a rate of time and a half (1.5 times the employee’s normal hourly wage) for any hours worked over 40 in a consecutive seven-day period. For example, if an employee works 50 hours in a seven-day period, then they can be paid their normal wage for the first 40 hours, and then must be paid for the additional 10 hours at a rate of 1.5 times their normal wage.

Your Rights if You’re a Victim of an Unpaid Wage Violation

If you are a victim of an unpaid wage violation, you have certain rights. First, it’s important to know that you have the right to hire an attorney. Your attorney will analyze your case free of charge and, if they determine that you have a viable claim, can represent you in bringing forth a complaint with the appropriate regulatory agency — usually, the Ohio Bureau of Wage and Hour Administration. By filing a complaint, you can seek compensation for back pay for unpaid wages you have suffered. If you have suffered other economic hardship as a result of unpaid wages, you can also seek compensation for this. Additionally, lawyers’ fees and legal costs, damages for emotional harm, and punitive damages may be available in some cases, too.

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Being denied wages to which you are entitled is frustrating, and may impact your ability to meet your basic needs. Don’t hesitate to take action when you are being denied something to which you are legally entitled. At the office of Coffman Legal, LLC our Cleveland unpaid wage violations attorneys can help you by reviewing your case, representing you throughout the process, and advocating for your rights. Call us today for your free consultation.

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