Any employee who is sexually harassed at work has the right to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against their employer for damages. While it may be an emotionally difficult task, the Toledo sexual harassment attorneys at Coffman Legal, LLC will support you through the process and advocate on your behalf for the best compensation possible.

Examples of Workplace Sexual Harassment

According to the Ohio State Bar Association, while there is no explicit federal or Ohio law regarding sexual harassment, both the U.S. Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Ohio consider sexual harassment to be a form of sex discrimination. Sex discrimination is prohibited by both state and federal laws. Workplace sexual harassment can come from a fellow coworker, a manager, or even the employer. In all of these cases the employer can be held liable for the work environment:

  • Inquiring about a person’s sex life;
  • Certain personal gifts;
  • Sexual advances;
  • Sharing explicit sexual images or other media content;
  • Using inappropriate nicknames;
  • Verbal bullying;
  • Inappropriate touches or groping;
  • Requesting sexual favors; and
  • More.

There does not need to be anything explicit for a person to bring about a sexual harassment claim. There only needs to be evidence that the employee felt harassed because of their gender. A person can even be harassed by a member of their own gender. According to a survey completed by Cosmopolitan, one in three women have experienced sexual harassment during their time in the workforce, but women are not the only ones who suffer sexual harassment at work.

Compensation That Sexually Harassed Employees Can Seek Through a Lawsuit

Compensatory Damages—Compensatory damages include lost wages, bonuses, commissions, benefits, health insurance coverage, PTO, and retirement benefits. It also include any medical bills that were incurred as a result of the sexual harassment, including therapy for the psychological trauma.

Punitive Damages—These damages are meant to serve as a form of punishment for the employee and do not have a specific cost that can be calculated the same way as compensatory damages are.

Back Pay—This is the amount of wages the employee lost due to be fired because of the sexual harassment.

Front Pay—This is the amount of pay for the time between settling a claim, or winning a lawsuit verdict, and the employee being reinstated at their position. Sometimes reinstatement at that same job is simply not feasible, in which case the front pay will be calculated based on potential future earnings.

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Here at Coffman Legal, LLC, we understand that it takes a great deal of courage to come forward after being the victim of sexual harassment. Untold numbers of victims never come forward out of fear of retaliation or being chastised by their coworkers or superiors. But we can help by standing with you during this difficult time. You should not have to suffer at work because a coworker, supervisor, or employer has insisted on making crude jokes, sending inappropriate emails, or making unwanted sexual passes or comments. To hold your employer accountable, call Coffman Legal, LLC. Call us today at 614-949-1181 to schedule a free consultation.

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