An employer should never tolerate any level of sexual harassment. If you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you need to speak with a Cincinnati sexual harassment lawyer right away. At Coffman Legal, our attorneys are here to help ensure that you don’t experience any further harassment. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment falls under sex-based discrimination.

No employee should feel unsafe and sexually harassed at work. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to earn a living in a safe environment. If you or a family member was forced to endure any type of employment-related sexual harassment, you need to put a stop to it immediately. Our Cincinnati sexual harassment attorneys are strong legal advocates for workers all across the state of Ohio. It doesn’t matter whether the harassment came from your manager, a supervisor, co-worker, or even a customer; we will protect your rights. Contact our office today to arrange a confidential case review.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Is a Serious Issue

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is a growing problem all across the country. Sexual harassment doesn’t just affect women either; there are plenty of men who find themselves the victim of harassment at work. It’s estimated that less than half of all employees who have suffered sexual harassment go on to report the matter formally.

Types of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

There are two main types of sexual harassment in the workplace. The first is hostile environment sexual harassment, and the other is quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Hostile work environments occur when someone is forced to endure unwelcome sexual innuendos, advances, or an offensive atmosphere that is pervasive or severe enough that a reasonable person would feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. To prove a hostile environment sexual harassment case, you need to establish certain criteria, such as:

  • You were subjected to unwelcome sexual harassment in the form of requests for sexual favors, sexual advances, or other verbal or physical conduct that is of a sexual nature;
  • This harassment was based on sex;
  • The harassment unreasonably interfered with your work performance and created a hostile, intimidating, or otherwise offensive working environment that affected your psychological well-being; and
  • There is respondeat superior liability, which means your employer is responsible for the actions of their employees during work.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment deals with a supervisor or manager usually forcing an employee to endure the harassment in exchange for benefits. The most common example is when a supervisor promises a promotion if the employee sleeps with them. Providing quid pro quo sexual harassment is very similar to the elements of hostile environment sexual harassment, but with two additions:

  • Your submission to these unwelcome advances was an express or implied condition of receiving certain job benefits; and
  • Your refusal to submit to these demands resulted in tangible professional detriment.

Contact a Cincinnati Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Employers cannot retaliate against you for reporting sexual harassment. You have the right to address the situation, file a formal complaint, or even support a co-worker’s complaint without fear of reprisal from your company. However, employee retaliation is still an issue in some cases. If you need assistance after a sexual harassment incident in the workplace, let us help protect your rights. Contact Coffman Legal today to schedule an initial consultation.

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