The US and Ohio governments set strict rules regarding payment of minimum wages to employees, so you might be surprised to learn how many employers do not comply with the law. The US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD) finds violations of minimum wage regulations in more than 10,000 cases every year and, often, this misconduct is intentional by companies seeking to protect their own bottom line. Fortunately, almost 83,000 employees qualify to get back wages and other compensation when their employers violate minimum wage laws.

However, the process for addressing misconduct can be more complicated than you expect. You can encounter numerous challenges, so it is wise to work with skilled legal counsel for assistance. To learn how our team can help, please contact Coffman Legal, LLC to set up a no-cost consultation with one of our Canton minimum wage violation attorneys. You might also benefit from reviewing some basic information about your rights.

Overview of Ohio Minimum Wage Laws

Statutes and regulations clearly specify that employees must be paid minimum wage, so it is hard to understand how employers violate them. Generally, these matters come down to errors, bookkeeping mistakes, or intentional misconduct by the company. Therefore, it is important to get a summary of your rights so you know when to take action: Default Minimum Wage Rules: The Ohio minimum wage for 2021 is $8.80 per hour for employees at companies that gross more than $323,000 per year. If you work for an employer with annual gross receipts under this threshold, the federal minimum wage of $7.25 applies. Regulations for Tipped Employees: Minimum wage is set at $4.40 per hour, plus tips, for employees who earn more than $30 per month through tip work. Your tips are your property, so the only reason an employer can use them is as a credit against the minimum wage you are owed. Exempt Employees: Employers are not required to pay minimum wage to certain employees based upon the type of work they do. Examples of exempt employees include federal workers, live-in babysitters and helpers, and public safety employees.

Minimum Wage Violations and Employee Rights

If your employer does not comply with state law and regulations on minimum wages, you can file a lawsuit in court to recover unpaid wages, costs, and attorneys’ fees. Our Canton minimum wage violation lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC will represent you throughout the legal process, including: Investigation and gathering evidence; Negotiations in an attempt to settle out of court; Drafting documents to initiate litigation; Attending court hearings; Engaging in discovery and depositions; and Representing you at trial.

Consult with Our Canton Minimum Wage Violation Attorneys About Your Remedies

While this overview may be helpful, the information should also convince you that it is essential to retain legal representation for assistance with minimum wage claims. For additional details, please contact Coffman Legal, LLC to schedule a free case evaluation with a Canton minimum wage violation lawyer. You can reach our office by calling 614-949-1181 or visiting us online.

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