Ohio companies seek to protect their interests through a variety of measures, and one of the most common strategies for managing the workforce is administering background checks on new employees. According to a survey conducted by National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), 96 percent of all companies impose at least one type of employment check as part of the hiring process. Some of the most common pre-employment screenings seek to uncover information regarding a candidate’s criminal history, credit rating, sex offender status, international dealings, and much more.

However, many background checks by Ohio employers cross the lines and violate laws intended to protect employees. If you believe an employment-related screening harmed your rights, it is essential to get legal help right away. Please contact Coffman Legal, LLC to set up a free consultation with one of our Canton background check attorneys. You might also benefit from reviewing some important information.

Summary of Employment Background Check Laws in Ohio

The key statute on screenings in employment is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which imposes strict requirements on Ohio employers. When a company retains an organization to compile a background check, i.e., “consumer report,” it must:

  • Reveal that the screening is for employment purposes;
  • Get your consent to make the request for a background check;
  • Provide you with a copy of your rights under FCRA;
  • Notify you of any decision made on the basis of the consumer report;
  • Inform you of the consumer reporting agency it used to obtain the employment background check; and
  • Meet other requirements established by FCRA.
There are penalties for Ohio employers that do not comply with the law, so you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). However, employees also have legal options when subjected to an illegal employment screening.

Legal Remedies for Unlawful Background Checks

You suffer financial harm when an Ohio company makes employment decisions based upon conduct prohibited by FCRA. It is possible to seek monetary damages, and you may even pursue your remedies through a class action when an employer’s misconduct affects numerous individuals. The Canton background check lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC can explain in more detail and guide you through the legal process. It is our goal to obtain fair compensation and other relief for an unlawful employment screening, such as:

  • Your economic damages, including back pay, lost benefits, and interest;
  • Expenses incurred to pursue legal action, such as attorneys’ fees and court costs;
  • Statutory damages provided under FCRA, which may be up to $1,000 per violation; and
  • Others allowed by law.

Rely on Our Canton Background Check Attorneys for Legal Help

As you can see, Ohio laws regarding employment background checks can be complicated. For more information on your rights in connection with screenings, please contact Coffman Legal, LLC today. You can schedule a no-cost case evaluation by calling our office at 614-949-1181 or checking out our website. Once we assess your circumstances, one of our Canton background check lawyers can advise you on next steps.

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