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What Age Can You Get A Job In Ohio?


When it comes to having teenagers that are interested in pursuing their first job, you as a parent are going to be asking yourself whether or not they are at the right age where they can legally start working. Child labor laws exist in each state, including Ohio. They present specific regulations and restrictions that must be met for children of a certain age that are working.

But to help you get a better understanding of what age an individual can start working in Ohio, we are going to go through a few different questions that you may have as a parent.

For specific questions you might have around Ohio work permit laws and labor laws in Ohio, speak with an employment attorney. They can offer advice and insight into child labor laws that can help your teens to understand how that there are legal obligations that their future employers need to follow when it comes to young employees.

What Age Can You Get A Job in Ohio At?

In the state of Ohio, any minor from the age of 14-17 can work, according to the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4109. For minors that fall within that age group to start working, they have to have a working permit unless otherwise specified within Chapter 4109.

How Many Hours Can A 14-Year-Old Work in Ohio?

According to state law, there are several restrictions on the number of hours that minors at 15 and under can work. They are unable to work more than 3 hours a day on a school day and no more than 8 hours a day when school is not currently in session.

Further restrictions as outlined under minor state laws include:

  • “Before 7 a.m. or after 9 p.m. from June 1st to September 1st or during any school holiday of 5 school days or more; or after 7 p.m. at any other time.”
  • “During school hours except where specifically permitted by Chapter 4109.”
  • More “than 18 hours in a school week.”

Minors can also not work for longer than 40 hours during a week that school is not in session. There are a few exceptions to this, depending on the individual’s age and what kind of work they’re doing. Employment that is “incidental to bona fide programs” that are in connection to things such as work studies or vocational training is usually going to be an exemption.

Do You Need a Work Permit at 14 in Ohio?

Every minor under the age of 18, they do need a work permit in Ohio. Again, there may be a few exemptions laid out under Chapter 4109 but those are usually only in specific cases.

Can a Minor Start Work Without a Wage Agreement?

A minor cannot start working until there is a wage agreement. Employers cannot offer employment to a minor without a written agreement on the “wages or compensation” that they will receive for any amount of time worked.

Where Can You Work at 14?

Knowing where minors cannot work can be especially helpful to you as a parent. There are several jobs across different industries that minors aged 14-17 cannot work in, with some exceptions. Some of these industries include:

  • All areas of manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Storage and communications
  • Public utilities
  • Warehouse work
  • Construction or repair

Areas that minors can work include:

  • Office or clerical work
  • Grocery stores
  • Summer camps
  • The foodservice industry, with limits on individuals aged 14-16
  • Outdoor work, such as at a park or a farm

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