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Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Filed Against Quantum Health for Customer Service Employees


Our law firm has filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against Quantum Health (“Quantum”) alleging that it did not properly compensate its hourly customer service employees for all overtime hours worked.

The lawsuit was filed on January 25, 2022, by our skilled Employment Attorneys and states that Quantum failed to properly pay all wages earned by customer service employees for several reasons. First, the lawsuit alleges that Quantum requires its employees to perform unpaid work before the scheduled start of their shifts, so they are “Ready” to receive or make calls at their start time. Secondly, Quantum allegedly requires its employees to take shortened meal breaks to make sure they can boot their computers back up after meals. Lastly, the lawsuit states that Quantum does not compensate its customer service employees for time spent shutting down their workstations at the end of the day.

The Department of Labor has a fact sheet for Call Centers and includes some of the general problems in call centers environments. Under the typical problem “hours worked,” the fact sheet provides:

  • In general, “hours worked” includes all time an employee must be on duty, or on the employer’s premises or at any other prescribed place of work, from the beginning of the first principal activity of the workday to the end of the last principal activity of the workday. Also included is any additional time the employee is allowed (i.e., suffered or permitted) to work. An example of the first principal activity of the day for agents/specialists/representatives working in call centers includes starting the computer to download work instructions, computer applications, and work-related emails.

The overtime lawsuit claims that these three policies and practices resulted in unpaid overtime for hourly customer service employees of Quantum. This unpaid overtime adds up over the course of weeks, months, and years.

This lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division (Columbus), and is titled Tracy v. Quantum Health, Inc., Case No. 2:22-cv-294. If you would like additional information about this lawsuit or believe you may be owed wages for another matter, please contact our office by phone at 1-888-619-2729 or email us at Our Employment Lawyers will review and assess your work situation to determine if you are owed any wages or overtime. In this lawsuit, the overtime owed was the result of unpaid computer and system bootup time.


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