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Can my employer issue points or occurrences for medical leave? Ohio ADA Lawyers


Employers cannot have rigid attendance policies that discipline employees for medical-related absences.

If your employer has an attendance policy that issues points or occurrences for medical leave or medical-related absences, you need to speak with our Ohio ADA lawyers immediately.

Depending on the size of your employer, the length of your employment, and other factors, you may be entitled to intermittent or continuous FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) leave and/or medical leave under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Oftentimes, employers have attendance policies that issue points or occurrences for medical leave or medical related-absences, regardless of whether the absence is for medical purposes. These rigid, unforgiving attendance policies may violate the FMLA and/or ADA if they result in the employer administering points, occurrences, or discipline.

Employers with rigid attendance policies may fail to account for medical absences for employees qualified for FMLA or ADA medical leave.

It is an all too regular occurrence that we receive calls from employees who are disciplined or terminated after receiving points for medical-related absences after they have used all of their PTO. In these instances, the problem is the employer’s policy, not the employee who is suffering from their medical condition.

If you have been issued points or occurrences for medical leave or medical-related absences, then you should speak with our Ohio ADA lawyers. If you have been disciplined or otherwise terminated because of your medical-related absences, then you should contact our Ohio employment discrimination lawyers. For any other questions about your rights under the FMLA or ADA, then you may contact our office for a FREE consultation by filling out the information on our contact page or calling 1-614-949-1181.


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