No one deserves to be sexually harassed. And when sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, it’s illegal. At the law office of Coffman Legal, LLC, our Youngstown sexual harassment attorneys are here to help you navigate the legal system and seek compensation if you’ve been sexually harassed at work. Call our law firm today for your free consultation.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment refers to any sort of sexual interaction that is unwanted and unreciprocated in the workplace, such as requesting sexual favors, making comments that are sexual about a person, making offensive remarks about a person’s sex, making unwelcome sexual advances, or any other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

It’s important to note that offhand comments or teasing does not necessarily constitute harassment. Harassment occurs — and is illegal when — it is so severe or is so pervasive that it creates a hostile work environment. This might mean that a single incident is particularly egregious, or that the harassment happens persistently and on a recurring basis.

Another thing to know about sexual harassment is that there is a misconception that harassment can only occur between an employee and their supervisor. This is not the case. Sexual harassment can occur between co-workers, a direct supervisor or a supervisor in another department, and even between an employee and a client or customer.

What Should I Do if I’m Being Sexually Harassed?

If you are being sexually harassed at work, the first thing that you should do is tell the harasser to stop. If the harassment continues, you should report the harassment to a supervisor or your HR department. Your employer is required to take reasonable action to remedy the situation; if they do not, then you should consider filing a sexual harassment claim with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) – Equal Opportunity Division. You can also file a claim with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as sexual harassment is a form of discrimination.

To help you with your claim, consider hiring a skilled and experienced Youngstown sexual harassment lawyer. A lawyer can make sure that you have taken all of the required steps throughout the process and advise you as you seek damages.

Types of Compensation in a Sexual Harassment Claim

If you are a victim of sexual harassment and are successful in filing a complaint, you can seek damages. Damages that are recoverable may include actual economic damages for any losses you’ve suffered — such as back pay for lost wages you suffered as a result of leaving your job because of a hostile work environment — as well as noneconomic compensation for emotional distress you’ve suffered. You may also be able to recoup legal expenses and, in some cases, punitive damages as well.

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