As an employee in Youngstown, you have certain rights related to the wages you’re paid and the hours that you work. These rights are protected under both state and federal laws. If your rights are violated, your employer may owe you damages. At the office of Coffman Legal, LLC, our Youngstown frequent wage & hour issues attorney is available to review your case today and provide you with the legal representation you deserve. Call now to learn more.

Common Types of Frequent Wage and Hour Violations

Our lawyers work with employees in a variety of industries and have experience working on various wage and hour complaints. Some of the most common wage and hour violations we see include:

  • Unpaid overtime. Most employees are protected by overtime laws, which hold that an employee should be compensated at a rate of 1.5 times (time and a half) their regular rate of compensation for any hours worked over 40 in a consecutive seven-day period.
  • Minimum wage violations. All employees are entitled to receive the minimum wage. While the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, employees in Ohio are entitled to the Ohio minimum wage, which is $8.80 per hour for 2021.
  • Tipped-employee violations. Tipped employees often have their right to a fair wage violated due to confusion regarding the law. While employers in Ohio only have to pay tipped employees a minimum wage of $4.40 an hour, this is assuming that the employee makes enough in tips to earn at least the minimum wage of $8.80 per hour. If a tipped employee does not make enough in tips to earn at least the minimum wage, then the employer is responsible for making up the difference.
  • Employee misclassification violations. Employees may be misclassified as contractors or as exempt employees in order for the employer to skirt overtime and minimum wage laws. If you believe that you have been misclassified, talk to our law firm immediately
  • We work with healthcare employees, delivery drivers, truck drivers, exotic dancers, computer professionals, outside sales employees, agricultural workers, and more. Please call us directly if you believe your rights have been violated. 

Why Work with Our Youngstown Frequent Wage & Hour Issues Attorneys

When you have been adversely impacted as a result of your employer’s failure to uphold the law, you deserve to be compensated. When you work with our Youngstown frequent wage and hour issues attorneys, we will help you to understand your rights, will conduct an investigation and gather evidence on your behalf, will take responsibility for filing your claim, and will advocate for your right to a fair settlement. We have experience and care about our clients.

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