While employers throughout Youngstown are permitted to take adverse actions against employees for a variety of things, including an employee’s poor performance, an employee’s breach of a workplace policy, etc., an adverse action cannot be taken as an act of retaliation against an employee who is exercising a protected right. If you have been retaliated against by your employer, you may have a valid employment law complaint and be able to seek recompense for your damages. Call our experienced Youngstown employment retaliation attorneys at the office of Coffman Legal, LLC directly today to learn more.

What Is Workplace Retaliation?

Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer takes an adverse action against an employee for exercising a protected right. Examples of adverse actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Firing an employee;
  • Demoting an employee;
  • Taking away certain tasks or responsibilities from an employee;
  • Docking an employee’s pay;
  • Disciplining an employee; and
  • More.
Sometimes, acts of retaliation are very obvious and big; other times they are more subtle. In any case, if the retaliation is in response to an employee exercising a protected right, it is illegal.

Protected Employee Rights

Employees have numerous rights that are protected at both the state and federal levels. These include the right to leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the right to file a workers’ compensation claim after being injured on the job, the right to a safe workplace — and the right to report unsafe working conditions, the right to a workplace that is free of discrimination of harassment, the right to be paid at least the minimum wage and overtime pay for hours worked over 40 (for non-exempt employees), and more. If you are unsure about your rights as an employee, consult with our law firm.

Damages for Workplace Retaliation

If you bring a case against your employer and can successfully prove that workplace retaliation has occurred, you can seek recompense for the wrong that you have suffered. Types of compensation/repayment that you might be entitled to include reinstatement to your original position, back pay for lost wages and benefits you suffered, attorneys’ costs, and even damages for noneconomic harm you’ve suffered, such as pain and suffering.

How Our Youngstown Employment Retaliation Attorneys Can Help

Filing a retaliation complaint against an employer can be an intimidating and challenging thing to do on your own. While you should start the process of gathering evidence as soon as possible, it’s strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney before filing a complaint with the relevant agency in Ohio or at the federal level. An attorney can help you to understand your rights, gather evidence, prove that retaliation occurred, guide you in the filing of your complaint, represent you during the investigation, and more.

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