According to Policy Matters Ohio, an estimated 217,000 Ohio workers face wage theft each year from employers who violate minimum wage laws alone. Minimum wage violations are not the only type of wage theft that an employer can commit. The Columbus Dispatch reported that an estimated 900,000 Ohio employees are victims of misclassifications annually. If you believe you are missing wages for any reason, it is time to speak with a Toledo unpaid wage violation attorney who can assist you in collecting the compensation plus damages and attorney’s fees.

Types of Wage Theft

  • Off the clock violations when an employer tries to engage employees in doing work before or after they are on the clock for work;
  • An employer misclassified an employee, as an independent contractor or other exempt position, to avoid paying minimum wage or overtime;
  • An employer does not acknowledge the unpaid lunch break or paid rest breaks that are supposed to be given and makes the employee work through them;
  • An employer forces the employee to attend training, lectures, or meetings when they are not on the clock for work;
  • An employee works over 40 hours per week and the employer refuses to pay time and a half for overtime work;
  • An employer does not pay the check on time;
  • An employee who leaves the job is not given their last paycheck by the next pay period;
  • After leaving a job, the employee is not paid their accrued PTO in their last paycheck;
  • An employee is required to be at the job location while on call and is not paid for the time they spend waiting;
  • The employer does not round up to the nearest quarter hour for hourly wages. When a person works between eight and 14 minutes, the time should be rounded up when calculating wages;
  • A tipped employee is not receiving proper tips from their employer; and
  • More.

Seeking Compensation for Wage Theft

If you have experienced any of the above circumstances, you may be able to recover the back pay that your employer owes you. In addition, by working with a lawyer you can seek damages, which can be up to double what your employer held back in wages from you. Finally, you are able to also hold your employer responsible for the attorney fees so that you are not financially burdened for seeking your rightful wages.

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Employees have up to two years to collect unpaid wages, so it is important not to delay if you have noticed errors in your paycheck. It does not matter if the wage theft was an intentional action by your employer to profit or a neglectful act because your employer did not know the labor laws. To begin the legal process of holding your employer accountable, contact the Toledo unpaid wage violations attorneys at Coffman Legal, LLC. We have experience standing up for clients against companies both big and small. Call us at 614-949-1181 to schedule a free consultation today.

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