Ohio raised the minimum wage by .10 cents at the beginning of 2021. According to the Journal-News, the new state minimum wage is $8.80 per hour. While this may seem like a positive change, it is simply not enough for a person to survive on. According to the MIT Living Wage Calculator, the living wage for two adults who are both working without children is $8.93 per hour and the living wage for a single parent with one child is $23.31 per hour. To make matters worse, some employers avoid paying proper wages to their employees. If you and your family are suffering because your employer is not paying you according to Ohio minimum wage laws, it is time to seek legal assistance from a Toledo minimum wage violation attorney at Coffman Legal, LLC.

2021 Minimum Wage Requirements in Ohio

$8.80 per hour for standard employees; $4.40 per hour for tipped employees who regularly earn more than $30 per month in tips $7.25 per hour for employees under the age of 16 or for employees of small business that gross less than $323,000 annually. ($7.25 is the federal minimum wage.) It is important to note that Ohio updates minimum wage each year to reflect inflation. If your wages remain stagnant from year to year, your employer is not paying you appropriately.

When Minimum Wage Does Not Apply to an Employee

There are exceptions to minimum wage for specific types of workers. The minimum wage requirements listed above do not apply to the following employees: Live-in companions to sick or elderly people, when the worker’s primary duties are not associated with the housekeeping; Police and firefighters; Federal employees; Baby-sitters; Hospital charity workers; Newspaper deliverers; Employees of a nonprofit camp for children; Part-time or seasonal student employees working for the government; Senate or House of Representative employees; and In some instances, employees of a motor carrier transporting property.

How Your Employer May Be Violating Ohio Minimum Wage

There are numerous ways an employer can cheat the system to avoid paying minimum wage. The following are common circumstances we help employees with: An employer who withholds hours; An employer who pays the previous year’s minimum wage; An employer fails to pay wages on the schedule pay days; An employer makes deductions from a paycheck that lowers it below minimum wage; An employer claims to make less than $323,000 to avoid paying Ohio’s minimum wage, which is higher than federal minimum wage; and An employer claims an employee receives tips or takes the wrong tip credit.

Discuss Your Wage Concerns with a Toledo Minimum Wage Violations Attorney

If you suspect your employer is incorrectly paying your wages, you need to speak with a Toledo minimum wage violation attorney at Coffman Legal, LLC. We can help you file a claim to recover the financial damages such as unpaid wages times two, attorney fees, and any liquidated damages for the breach of contract. Contact our offices today at 614-949-1181 to schedule a free consultation.

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