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These Action Could Be Part Of A Hostile Work Environment


Are you wondering what determines a hostile work environment? There are many scenarios that could result in a work environment being toxic, particularly if there is persistent intimidation or severe harassment. Discrimination can also be an issue.

When a hostile work environment is making it impossible for you to do your job in the state of Ohio, there are paths for legal action. To learn more about your options and what type of reports will need to be filed, connect with a Columbus employment attorney.

Definition of Hostile Work Environment

When a workplace has coworkers or supervisors who make others unable to work, due to the discriminatory environment, it is a hostile work environment. Working with individuals who are rude or tease others does not necessarily make a workplace hostile, although those instances should be reported to the human resources department.

Examples of actions in hostile work environments:

  • Talking about sex or using suggestive language
  • Telling offensive jokes
  • Displaying inappropriate images
  • Touching that is unwanted
  • Actions of career sabotage
  • Using derogatory language to describe a person
  • Asking for sex in return for a job or promotion
  • Insulting or physically bullying

There are other situations as well. Such as if a superior failed to investigate misconduct that was a long-lasting issue. Or if an employer knew a worker was being targeted and did not intervene appropriately.

A person who is unable to do their job because of inappropriate behavior or offensive language is working in a hostile work environment. A mild annoyance may be disrespectful, but in order for an employment lawsuit to move forward the actions must be ever present and long lasting. There will be differences from situation to situation.

You Do Not Need to Suffer, Talk to a lawyer

If you are suffering because you are being treated poorly at work, it is time to take steps to improve your situation. For some, this requires legal action. For instance if you are being given faulty equipment and then denied a promotion or if you are treated in an abusive way by coworkers, seek help. And if a trusted boss or reputable human resources representative is not providing you with the results you require, talk to a Columbus employment attorney.

To prove an environment was toxic, you will need to submit evidence. These documents will clearly illustrate behavior or actions that were intimidating, offensive, or hostile. Also the situation needs to have been pervasive or severe. Of course, there are differences from person to person on what is considered pervasive. Documentation can establish a pattern and the court can make a determination from there. Do not allow another to talk to you out of a claim you feel is just. Talk to a lawyer to understand your rights.

Are you ready to move forward with a hostile work environment claim but are unsure how to get started? Contact the lawyers at Coffman Legal LLC today. We are strong and committed advocates for all Ohio workers and use our experience and knowledge to help you. Call 614-949-1181 for a free and confidential consultation.


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