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Should I Talk to an Employment Lawyer?


There are many situations in which employees wonder if they should talk to an employment attorney. They may be upset by the inequitable salaries at the workplace. Or they may be a victim of harassment or discrimination. There are many, many reasons to seek justice.

If an employer has treated you in an unlawful matter, you do have rights. There are ways to make things right, contact a Columbus employment attorney to learn more.

Resolving Issues Through Negotiations or Private Mediation

There are times when an employment lawyer can help through direct communication with company counsel. Often, companies have in-house attorneys, in other situations they have retained counsel. Either way, a lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. Negotiations can happen through meetings, phone calls, and document exchanges. Your employment attorney will advocate until a fair outcome is achieved.

Situations when an employment lawyer is needed:

  • All the wages, including overtime, you are owed have not been paid.
  • Employment laws were broken by your employer, including times when illegal activity has occurred or you feel you were terminated illegally.
  • You have been a victim of retaliation or discrimination.
  • It is time to negotiate an employment agreement or severance package.
  • You believe you are misclassified as an independent contractor instead of as an employee.
  • You believe you are misclassified as exempt from receiving overtime when you are non-exempt and entitled to overtime.

When it is not possible to arrive on an outcome through negotiations, a mediator could be enlisted. A person who can look at the dispute from a neutral lens, a mediator is trained to help resolve issues. They could be a retired judge, for example.

Mediations are often successful as the strengths and weaknesses of each side can be heard and assessed by a third party. It can be a time-efficient way to resolve issues and avoid court. Or, in other situations, it is a path to seeing how the argument is assessed before ultimately going to trial.

When Arbitration or Litigation Is Necessary

Of course, there are times when the two parties simply cannot reach an agreement through mediation or negotiation. Then, depending on the kind case, a Columbus employment attorney may advise moving forward with a claim.

Employment cases can be very complicated. Often they settle before trial as a case filed can continue for years before a decision is made. But this can be good news. It is common for fair settlement offers to be negotiated after the litigation process starts.

An employment lawyer works for you. While you are in charge of final decisions, a legal professional can advise you each step of the way. Experienced employment attorneys can let you know what options are available for your situation and when a settlement is a fair offer. Complex cases can arise from employment disputes, you do not have to navigate the legal waters on your own. Help is available.

Is it time for you to talk to an Ohio employment lawyer? Contact the lawyers at Coffman Legal LLC. We are strong and committed advocates for all Ohio workers and use our experience and knowledge to help you. Call 614-949-1181 for a free and confidential consultation.


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