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Reporting Work Injuries Is Essential


Unfortunately, there are times when individuals are injured when they are at work. The range of injuries is wide and varies depending on the industry a person works within. If you work in a fulfillment center, for example, it may be possible for you to slip and fall, resulting in injuries to your neck and spine.

Of course, the first thing that needs to be assessed is your health. After any work injury, be sure to see your primary care physician, visit an urgent care center, or go to a hospital to have your injuries looked over so a proper treatment plan can be put in place. If you are unsure where to turn to have your legal rights protected, talk to a Columbus employment attorney. You may have a right to time off under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Notifying Your Employer When an Injury Occurs

It is important that you report work injuries when they happen. This is necessary because there may be a time when you decide to file a workers’ compensation claim or move forward with another form of action. Notification should happen in the event of an occupational disease or an unexpected injury from an accident.

While verbal notice is an option and may be legally permissible, written notices are easier to track and clearer should an injury be part of a claim or lawsuit. Within a written notice, the following should be included for proper documentation.

  • Information about where and how an injury happened.
  • Names and contact information of parties involved in the accident.
  • What work duty was being performed when the event occurred.
  • Details regarding doctor’s assessments or treatment plans.

If you are wondering how much information is needed within the report, it is important to include all of the most relevant details and not to omit them. There are times when an employer’s insurance company will fight a claim. Sometimes, they will deny a claim because not enough documentation is provided. Protect yourself and your rights. When you are healing from a workplace injury, connect with a Columbus employment attorney to discuss what is possible. An experienced lawyer can help.

Talk to an Ohio Employment Lawyer Today

Are you recovering from a workplace injury? Or do you work in an environment that feels unsafe but you are not sure where to turn? Discuss your situation with a seasoned employment attorney.

If you are being treated unfairly at work or work in an environment that is not protecting the health and safety of workers, know there are employment laws in place. Employees have rights. You do not have to navigate federal and state laws on your own, talk to an Ohio employment lawyer.

Are you recovering from a work injury? Has your employer treated you unfairly and denied your claim for workers’ compensation? Contact the employment lawyers at Coffman Legal LLC today. We are strong and committed advocates for all Ohio workers and use our experience and knowledge to help you. Call 614-949-1181 for a free and confidential consultation.


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