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Is It Legal to Fire Someone for a Social Media Post?


For many, social media is a way to connect with their coworkers, friends, family members, and individuals with shared interests. Because the platforms are a way to share news, it is natural for pictures of work celebrations or descriptions of what happened during a work day to be posted on social media.

But, there are times when posting information about the company where an individual works can lead to problems. Workers can even be reprimanded or terminated. If you were fired because of a social media post about your job in Ohio, contact a Columbus Ohio employment attorney to discuss if that termination was legal or not.

Types of Social Media Posts that Can Result in Termination

While citizens of the United States do enjoy rights under the First Amendment, that does not mean individuals are free to say whatever they want on social media about their place of employment. It is also common to see employees who post controversial or offensive content to face discipline up to and including termination.

For example, if your workplace has trade secrets or you have signed a confidentiality agreement, discussing services or products that are confidential could be grounds for dismissal. Because the action is devaluing the company. Similarly, sharing a client list on social media could result in firing. It is important to respect the privacy of a company’s activities and their client base.

Employers may also have policies in place that state social media is not allowed while an employee is working. These policies could be in place because an employer believes social media platforms are a distraction or sees the use of devices while working as a safety risk. If an employee posts to social media while they are on the clock and they have agreed to an employee handbook that states social media use is not allowed, that could be violation that could lead to the individual losing their job.

Circumstances When Social Media Posts About Work Are Allowed

Of course, some jobs involve social media. This could be true if an individual works in marketing or public relations and posts content on behalf of the business. Even if an individual oversees company social media accounts, they need to be careful with their own accounts.

Posts discussing ways to improve work conditions could be protected under the law as employees have rights. But if the post is rude, insulting or inflammatory, those protections may not apply.

Were you terminated after a social media post about work? Talk to a Columbus employment attorney if you believe you were wrongly terminated. An experienced lawyer will review your case and determine if it is possible to move forward with a legal complaint. At-will employees may have questions about an employer’s rights in connection with employee termination.

Talk to an Ohio Employment Lawyer Today

Social media posts can result in termination. But, if you were wrongfully terminated, there may be a path to compensation. The attorneys at Coffman Legal LLC are committed to protecting the rights of Ohio workers. Employees have rights, an Ohio labor lawyer can help. Call 614-949-1181 for a free and confidential consultation.


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