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What should I do if my employer is taking an automatic deduction? Ohio FLSA Overtime Attorneys


Employers cannot take an automatic deduction from compensable time, including automatic meal deductions, if they are missed or interrupted – Ohio FLSA Overtime Lawyers

Employers cannot take an automatic deduction from employees compensable time for meal breaks or any other reason if employees are not receiving uninterrupted meal breaks or other breaks during the deducted compensable time. An automatic meal period deduction may violate the Fair Labor Standards if the employer is not careful about how the policy is enforced.

Employees must be paid for their hours worked. If employees are working off the clock or otherwise, then they may be entitled to damages, including unpaid wages, liquidated damages equal to the unpaid wages, and attorney’s fees.

If you are working for an employer that takes deductions, including an automatic meal period deduction, and you are not receiving uninterrupted breaks, then you should contact attorneys who handle wage and hour issues. We have written a blog that specifically discusses automatic meal deductions. Furthermore, there are issues related to unpaid overtime and other unpaid wages that may arise from automatic deductions or an employer’s general refusal to pay employees for all time spent working.

Employers may not make deductions from employees compensable time if the employees are not receiving an uninterrupted break. If you have any questions about automatic deductions, including automatic meal deductions, then feel free to contact our office for a free consultation with experienced Ohio FLSA Overtime Attorneys about your potential right to recovery. You may be entitled to unpaid wages, liquidated damages in the amount of the unpaid wages, attorney’s fees, and costs of pursuing a legal claim. Only after a thorough discussion with our Ohio FLSA Overtime Attorneys will you be in a position to know what legal claims you may have against your employer.


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