Workers in Ohio have protections afforded under federal and state laws. These laws ensure workers receive a fair wage, including minimum wage, overtime, and prevailing wages on all public works projects. However, these laws don’t preclude employers from violating them. Whether it’s an unintentional mistake, negligent accounting, or an intentional breach of the law, wage and hour violations rob employees of money that is rightfully theirs.

If you believe your employer owes you money, you need to speak with the Cincinnati wage and hour attorneys at Coffman Legal, LLC today. Attorneys Matthew Coffman and Adam Gedling will fight to help you get all the money you are owed, and they compensate you for the harm done.

Frequent Wage & Hour Issues
Minimum Wage Violations
Overtime Exemptions and Misclassifications
Tipped Employees
Unpaid Overtime
Unpaid Wage Violations

Minimum Wage Violations

Most employees working in Ohio will receive at least the minimum state wage of $8.80 as of 2021. Other workers are considered exempt so that they won’t be subject to the minimum wage requirements. If an employer mistakenly or intentionally applies the wrong minimum wage to your job, it could cause you to lose thousands.

Unpaid Wages

Employers are required to pay your earned wages promptly. If you aren’t receiving your pay at the end of a pay period, your boss is withholding your financial check after quitting or getting fired, or you have accrued unpaid time, you could benefit from speaking with a Cincinnati wage and hour attorney.

Unpaid Overtime

Overtime mistakes are some of the most common wage and hour violations we deal with at Coffman Legal. Sometimes employers misclassify employees or independent contractors as non-exempt when they are actually entitled to overtime. In other instances, poor record-keeping, miscalculations, incorrect deductions, or even outright refusing to pay are why overtime goes unpaid.

Tipped Employees

Tipped employees have a different salary structure as restaurants can legally pay their wait staff lower than minimum wage because they receive tips. However, workers cannot be treated unfairly as some employers end up violating these laws. If you a tipped employee who feels their rights have been violated, Coffman Legal LLC can help.

Prevailing Wages

The term prevailing wages applies to trade laborers and construction workers on federal and state public works and public improvement projects. Some contractors or subcontractors violate the prevailing wage laws by not paying the right amount, not including benefits when calculating them, failing to pay correct overtime, taking too many deductions, and more.

FLSA Collective Actions

It’s not uncommon for multiple employees to be experiencing the same wage and hour violations. In some cases, an entire workforce can be affected. Under the FLSA, a worker can bring a collective action on behalf of all affected employees. At Coffman Legal LLC, we have years of experience prosecuting FLSA collective actions that involve hundreds or even thousands of employees.

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