The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets forth basic requirements employers are expected to follow. For one, employers must pay employees minimum wage, follow record-keeping standards, and comply with all applicable overtime regulations and rules. Sadly, many Ohio companies violate one or more FLSA provisions. That means if you are the victim, there are likely others. An FLSA collective action claim allows multiple employees to bring forth a legal action for their case and coworkers who are facing similar situations. The Cincinnati FLSA collective action attorneys are here to help if you are not being compensated under the rules of the FLSA.

Our experienced team of attorneys is committed to holding your employer accountable for any and all FLSA violations. If you and one or more coworkers are looking to file a claim against your employer, you need to have a strong legal advocate on your side. Please contact our Cincinnati employment attorneys to schedule a free initial review of your case.

What is an FLSA Collective Action?

Collective action claims under the FLSA are claims where employees with similar underlying claims opt to file one class-based legal action rather than individual claims or lawsuits. Pursuant to 29 U.S.C. 216(b), employees are entitled to bring a collective action to recover unpaid minimum wages or unpaid overtime on behalf of themselves and any other employees in a similar situation.

When employers fail to properly pay their employees correctly, based on the company’s practice or policy, then there’s an excellent chance that other employees aren’t receiving their fair share of compensation either. Under the FLSA, employees have the right to pursue claims individually or collectively. These employees have the right to recover unpaid wages, liquidated damages, their attorney’s fees, and legal costs.

If you believe you aren’t receiving the wages or overtime that you are entitled to, please contact our office to discuss your legal options. These types of claims are very complex, which is why you need a skilled Cincinnati FLSA collective action attorney representing you.

You Only Have Limited Time to Bring an FLSA Collective Action Claim

If you want to bring a claim for collective action under the FLSA, you only have two years from the violation date. If you don’t take action prior to the deadline, you might not be able to get any of the compensation you’re owed. Don’t risk missing the deadline by trying to represent yourself in a collective action case. Let our Cincinnati collective action lawyers help.

Why Hire Coffman Legal for Your Cincinnati FLSA Collective Action Claim

Collective action claims are complicated. You need a top-rated Cincinnati employment law firm that understands the nuances of these claims. If you have questions, we are here to help. Contact Coffman Legal today to schedule an initial consultation. We provide free initial consultations and can review your case to determine whether you have any legal claims under Ohio law, the FLSA, or both.

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