By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Feb 03 2020

Overtime for Salaried Employees

Not many people have an issue with working long hours as long as their paycheck reflects all of the work that they are performing. After working for over 40 hours a week, the overtime pay is usually a welcome benefit. But, not all workers qualify for overtime pay. It’s worthwhile to know when overtime for […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Sep 10 2019

How Is Overtime Pay Often Calculated

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), many workers in Ohio are entitled to receive overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in a given week. Overtime pay is calculated at time and a half (1.5 times) an employee’s normal rate of pay. In this article, our Columbus overtime lawyers provide a more […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Jan 11 2018

Am I entitled to be paid for training? Columbus Ohio Overtime Attorneys

You should likely be compensated for your time spent in training. Contact our Columbus Ohio Overtime Attorneys today! In general, an employer must compensate an employee for all hours worked, including time spent training. In other words, training time is ordinarily work time. If training occurs while the employee is at work by way of […]

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