By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Sep 12 2023

Pregnant Workers Enjoy Greater Protections Pursuant to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

A new law provides greater rights to pregnant workers. Pregnancy is a major life event affecting numerous aspects of a person’s life. Previously, pregnancy was not a qualifying condition under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and pregnant employees could not solely rely on then-existing law to receive workplace accommodations on basis of their pregnancies. […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Nov 09 2022

Can You Be Demoted at Work During a Pregnancy?

When pregnant employee informs their employer that they are pregnant, employers are expected to provide reasonable accommodations for the pregnant employee. This does not necessarily mean they must do everything to accommodate a pregnant employee, but they must provide reasonable accommodations based on the request the employee has made. Sometimes following notification of an employee […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Mar 04 2020

The Right to Work Light Duty When Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many families. As they watch what they eat and plan a baby room in their house, women continue to work as well. That said, pregnancy discrimination does exist. It is important to understand the rights of pregnant working women while growing your family. If you suspect you have been […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Mar 27 2019

How FMLA Works After Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or just had a baby, you are entitled to receive maternity leave to care for your child after he or she is born. The FMLA, or the Family Medical Leave Act, is a federal act that protects this right for eligible employees. Across the United States, women who just went through […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Jun 14 2017

What should I do if I’m pregnant and my employer will not let me work? Ohio Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys

Employers must accommodate pregnant employees. Ohio Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers Employers must accommodate pregnant employees. With that said, an employer does not have to do everything and anything to accommodate a pregnant employee. Instead, an employer must provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees. Oftentimes, when a pregnant employee notifies her employer that she is pregnant, the employer […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on May 17 2017

Can my employer discriminate against me because I’m pregnant? Ohio pregnancy discrimination lawyers

If you are being discriminated against because of your pregnancy, contact our Ohio pregnancy discrimination lawyers today. As Ohio pregnancy discrimination lawyers, it’s important that employees understand that they are protected from pregnancy discrimination. The federal protection from pregnancy discrimination is based upon the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 set forth within Title VII of […]

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