By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Oct 11 2022

How Can You Prove Age Discrimination in The Workplace?

According to data from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC), 12,965 charges of age discrimination were filed in 2021 alone. And while there has been a noticeable decrease in age discrimination charges since 2010, when 23,465 charges were filed with the EEOC, they do still happen. And with an aging workforce, knowing how to prove […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Jun 28 2022

Does an Inconvenient Work Schedule Qualify as Employment Discrimination?

Most employers set and define the schedules for each of their employees. But as most individuals know, obligations frequently occur outside of the workplace that calls for attention such as childcare, helping a disabled relative, or even just needing an alternative schedule for one’s own needs. But sometimes there may not be much flexibility in […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Nov 03 2020

Past Substance Addiction and Discrimination

When an employee has an addiction issue or has a past history of destructive drug and alcohol use, they may be wondering if that information can be used against them by their employer. There are times when a worker is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) from discrimination in the workplace, but the […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Oct 08 2020

Common Kinds of Workplace Discrimination

When a person is subject to unfavorable treatment because of specific characteristic, as a potential hire or an established employee, they could be a victim of workplace discrimination. This can take place in the context of hiring a potential employee, difference in benefits, pay, promotions, or work assignments, or how an employee is let go. […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Aug 12 2020

Age Discrimination In Ohio Workplaces

Over 50 years ago, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was written into law by Congress. The labor law prohibits employment discrimination against United States individuals who are 40 years old or older. President Lyndon B. Johnson was the one who signed the ADEA into law. With an aging population in the U.S., it […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Aug 05 2020

Will My Employer Adjust My Job Duties Because I’m Pregnant?

According to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, pregnancy is a protected status. It is a form of gender discrimination to discriminate against a pregnant woman in the workplace. Plus, pregnancy is not only protected on a national level, it is also shielded in our state under the Ohio Fair Employment Practice Law. When a […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Jul 25 2017

What should I do if I’m being discriminated against at work? Ohio Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Employees who are being discriminated against must know their rights to a discrimination free workplace – Ohio Employment Discrimination Lawyers Employees may not be discriminated against based on certain bases, including their disability, pregnancy, age, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, race, religion, color, national origin, genetic information, or military status. Employees who are members of […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Jul 13 2017

Who should I contact if I am experiencing discrimination at work? Ohio Employment Discrimination Lawyers

If you are experiencing discrimination at work, contact our Ohio employment discrimination lawyers today for a FREE consultation. As Ohio employment discrimination lawyers, it is important that employees understand the elements of an employment discrimination case. As Ohio employment discrimination attorneys, most cases of discrimination must go through certain steps. If an employee plans to […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on Jul 05 2017

Can my employer discriminate against me because of my religious beliefs? Ohio Religious Discrimination Lawyers

Employers cannot discriminate against employees for their sincerely held religious beliefs or lack thereof. If you have experienced discrimination based on your religious beliefs, then contact our office to speak with our Ohio religious discrimination lawyers today. As Ohio employment discrimination lawyers, We have found that some employers discriminate based on their employees’ religious beliefs. […]

By Coffman Legal, LLC | Posted on May 17 2017

What should I do if I’m not hired or fired because of a background check? Ohio Background Check Attorneys

Employers who make hiring or firing decisions after conducting a background check must comply with the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you have any questions about your rights regarding background checks, contact our Ohio background check attorneys. Many employers use background checks as part of their hiring/application process, as well as to make […]

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