While most Ohio employers are diligent in complying with wage and hour laws, there are some that refuse to adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and associated regulations. Every year, the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD) finds legal violations in almost 21,000 employee complaints alleging violations of minimum wage and overtime requirements. Unfortunately, many employers that engage in such misconduct make it a company-wide policy, leading to losses that impact the entire workforce.

When Ohio employers abuse FLSA and other wage and hour regulations on a widespread basis, it is good to know that there is power in numbers. Employees have the right to seek remedies as a class, and our lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC can help you navigate the process. Please contact our firm to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our Canton FLSA collective action attorneys today. Some background information may also be valuable.

How FLSA Collective Actions Work

Just like a group of victims might have a class action claim after suffering the same injuries, Ohio employees may band together to bring a collective action when their employer violates FLSA. Typically, when a company violates minimum wage regulations, overtime rules, and other wage laws, the impacts extend to all personnel or certain divisions. Federal court rules therefore combine the cases to streamline the legal process.

The key to determine whether you can proceed with an FLSA collective action is your relationship to other employees. There must be a factual showing that you and other employees are similarly situated, in the sense that your employer’s misconduct affects you in the same way. You should note that, even if you do not have sufficient evidence to go forward with an FLSA collective action, you could still have rights as an individual employee.

What To Do About FLSA Violations by Ohio Employers

If you have concerns about your employer’s violations of wage and hour laws, your first priority should be contacting our Canton FLSA collective action lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC. We can support your interests by:

  • Reviewing your circumstances and determining potential FLSA violations;
  • Conducting an investigation and gathering evidence in support of an FLSA collective action;
  • Discussing settlement options with your employer in an attempt to reach an out-of-court agreement;
  • Filing documents to initiate litigation in court, along with paperwork supporting the certification of an FLSA collective action; and
  • Representing you in court in connection with legal proceedings.

Through our efforts, we will seek all available compensation, including back pay, interest, attorneys’ fees, and many other monetary damages.

Contact Our Canton FLSA Collective Action Attorneys Right Away

Hopefully, this overview of class-based remedies for wage and hour violations helps you understand the basics. Because you will encounter additional complications in a real-life scenario, it is wise to rely on our team at Coffman Legal, LLC for assistance with the details. To learn more, please call 614-949-1181 or go online to set up a no-cost consultation with a Canton FLSA collective action lawyer.

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