From the name alone, you can guess how the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects Ohio employees who need to take time off work for personal issues. The problem is that many employers either do not understand their duties or unintentionally defy FMLA provisions. The US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD) receives around 1,000 to 1,100 complaints every year alleging various forms of misconduct. An employer’s refusal to grant leave, failure to restore employment, terminating health benefits, top the list of FMLA violations.

This type of misconduct is unlawful, so it is critical to take action if your Ohio employer denies your rights under FMLA. Our lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC can assist with your remedies, so please contact our firm to set up a free consultation. Our Canton Family and Medical Leave Act attorneys can advise you on the specific legal issues, but a summary of the laws may be helpful. 

FMLA Provisions and Applicability to Ohio Workers

If you need to take time off work for certain reasons, you are allowed up to 12 weeks of FMLA leave; during this time, your job is protected, you can return to the same or equivalent position, and any health insurance coverage will continue. Aside from these general rules, you should note the following:

  • FMLA covers companies with 50 or more employees, as well as state, federal, and local employers;
  • To be eligible, you must have worked at your employer for at least a year, during which time you accumulated 1,250 hours;
  • You must be taking leave for qualifying reasons, such as for a serious illness, to care for a family member, the birth of a child, or others designated by FMLA rules;
  • There are additional FMLA protections that apply to members of the military and their families; and
  • You are NOT entitled to pay while you are away from your job.

Your Remedies for FMLA Violations

If your employer denied FMLA leave, refused to return you to your job, or engaged in other violations of leave laws, you may be entitled to legal relief. At times, these cases may be resolved by settlement, but you may need to file a lawsuit in court if you cannot reach an agreement for compensation. The Canton Family and Medical Leave Act lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC will support you throughout the process. We will fight to obtain:

  • Back pay, advance pay, and interest;
  • Employment benefits that your employer may have terminated;
  • Amounts for your out-of-pocket losses;
  • Liquidated damages, where available by law; and
  • Equitable relief, such as reinstatement to your position. 

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