You might not think of disability discrimination as being one of the most serious forms of workplace misconduct, but the statistics reveal that it is a common basis for employee complaints. According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC), disability accounts for around one-third of all charges the agency receives every year. Plus, in addition to these 25,000 claims at the federal level, many other employees file complaints with state officials in Ohio.

Fortunately, workplace discrimination laws provide affected workers with options when employers engage in mistreatment on account of disability. You may be entitled to monetary damages and other relief, so please contact our lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC for more information. We can set up a free case evaluation with one of our Canton disability discrimination attorneys who can describe the details, but an overview may be informative.

Summary of Disability Discrimination Laws

The primary source for disability discrimination claims is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which comprises two key components:

  1. Prohibition on Discrimination: The ADA makes it illegal for employers to treat workers with disabling medical conditions differently from other employees. Examples might be refusal to hire, termination, failing to promote, demotion, or paying less in compensation.
  2. Reasonable Accommodations Requirement: When an employee does have a disabling medical condition, Ohio employers are required to provide features or factors that will enable the worker to perform the job. Reasonable accommodations might include higher desks for wheelchairs, modifying job tasks, improving parking and restroom accessibility, allowing medical leave, and many others. Note that employers are NOT required to make accommodations that are extremely costly or otherwise burdensome.

Take Action Against Unlawful Discrimination in the Workplace

Ohio anti-discrimination laws apply to employers with four or more employees, while federal statutes cover companies with 15 or more workers. Whether you file a charge under state law with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) or the EEOC, the administrative process is an opportunity to resolve your claim. You may be able to reach an agreement with your employer through settlement discussions or the mediation process. If you cannot agree on a settlement, you will need to file a lawsuit in civil court. The Canton disability discrimination lawyers at Coffman Legal, LLC will be at your side during settlement negotiations, but we are ready to advocate on your behalf in court. We will pursue all available remedies, including:

  • Back and front pay;
  • Attorneys’ fees and costs;
  • Noneconomic damages;
  • An order requiring reasonable accommodations; and
  • Equitable relief, such as hiring, promotion, a raise, or reinstatement.

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If you were subjected to illegal mistreatment in the workplace because of a disability, it is important to exercise your rights under federal and Ohio law. To learn more about how our team can assist with the legal process, please contact Coffman Legal, LLC at 614-949-1181 or via our website. We can schedule a no-cost consultation with a Canton disability discrimination lawyer who can provide personalized information regarding your unique circumstances.

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