No one should ever be the victim of sexual harassment, but it is far too prevalent in Akron workplaces. The first action victims often take is to inform their employer, supervisor, or manager of the conduct but unfortunately, these individuals often do nothing to correct the situation. Sometimes, employers themselves are the perpetrators of sexual harassment. In these instances, employers can be held accountable when they do not respond to complaints of sexual harassment. If you have been subjected to this behavior, our Akron sexual harassment attorneys can advise you of your legal options.

The Law Prohibits Sexual Harassment

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act defines sexual harassment as verbal and physical conduct that is of a sexual nature and that is unwelcome by the victim. Sexual advances and requests for sexual favors are just two of the most common forms of sexual harassment. Regularly showing sexually explicit images or making sexual jokes is also considered sexual harassment when the behavior is unwelcome. Regardless of the type of sexual harassment that is occurring within a workplace, the law allows victims to receive compensation when they have been harmed by such conduct.

Types of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment typically falls into one of two categories. The first is quid pro quo harassment, while the other is harassment that creates a hostile work environment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when employees are required to accept the harassment as a condition of their employment. For example, if an employee is required to submit to a sexual act or take part in their employer’s sexual advances in order to avoid termination or demotion, that is a form of quid pro quo sexual harassment. Sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment occurs when offensive, intimidating, or hostile conduct interferes with an employee’s ability to perform their job. For example, an employee may be subjected to constant and offensive sexual remarks that distress them so much, they can no longer focus on performing the tasks related to their employment.

What to Do After Experiencing Sexual Harassment

It is natural for victims of sexual harassment to feel embarrassed, and perhaps even ashamed, even though the harassment is not their fault. Many people do not want to come forward after being subjected to this behavior, but it is critical that employees take action. The first step to take after experiencing sexual harassment is to report the conduct to the employer in writing. Even if the employer was not the one engaging in the behavior, they can still be held liable when they do nothing to stop it. If the employer is the one engaging in the behavior, the harassment should be reported to Human Resources or the employer’s supervisor. In many cases, particularly when the employer is the one engaging in the harassment, it is important to speak to a sexual harassment attorney.

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