All employees have the right to receive their fair and full wages. Ohio has a prevailing wage for employees that are involved in public improvement and public works projects. Employers are legally required to pay this prevailing wage and when they do not, employees can hold them liable. An Akron prevailing wage attorney can help employees with the issues that arise when they are not paid their proper wages. Contractors and subcontractors are also sometimes held liable when they refuse to pay their workers the proper prevailing wage.

What is a Prevailing Wage?

A prevailing wage is the hourly wage that is established and regulated by trade workers. The prevailing wage law in Ohio protects employees and ensures that they will receive the proper wage for the work they perform. The law on prevailing wage outlines the compensation skilled trade workers must receive when they are working on public improvement projects. It is easy to assume the prevailing wage only outlines the minimum hourly wage skilled trade workers must receive, but it encompasses much more than that. Under the law, employers and contractors must: Provide the appropriate prevailing wage depending on the classification of the worker, Provide overtime when appropriate, Maintain accurate records regarding when the employee worked, Certify and submit payroll reports, and Provide subcontractors with the prevailing wage rate schedule that applies to their job In addition to the above requirements, contractors and employers must never deduct lodging, transportation, or food costs from a worker’s wages.

Skilled Workers Covered by Prevailing Wages

Due to the fact that the prevailing wage law does not apply to all workers in the state, it is important all employees know if it applies to them. Some of the most common workers covered by the prevailing wage in Akron include: Laborers Roofers Painters Sheet metal workers Electrical tradespeople Glaziers Insulators Plumbers Bricklayers Boilermakers The above are just a few examples of workers that are entitled to receive the prevailing wage. Anyone that believes they are not receiving their rightful prevailing wage should speak to an Akron employment lawyer that can help with their case.

The Law on Prevailing Wage is Complex

All wage and hour laws in Ohio are complex, but those that dictate the prevailing wage are even more complicated. Every county in Ohio is responsible for maintaining their own schedule of prevailing wages, and every construction category also receives a different prevailing wage. While these complex laws are often difficult for skilled workers to understand, employers and contractors also do not always stay updated on the laws, making it more likely for a violation to occur.

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